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Horizon supports a more targeted approach to drug discovery and development by using gene editing to build cells that harbour the genetics of real patients. We are world leaders in the application of gene editing. With multiple gene editing technologies available to us supported by an extensive intellectual property (IP) portfolio, and a decade of experience in their use, we can achieve almost any change to a cell line, including stem and immune cells, creating models that translate to meaningful outcomes.

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Horizon has built a world-leading life sciences capability based on the delivery of essential products and services to four large customer groups with clear, unmet needs:

1. Academic research
2. Drug discovery
3. Drug manufacturing
4. Clinical diagnostics

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In 2016, Horizon fulfilled its goal of establishing the products and services, global commercial resources and sales channels, and business systems needed to drive long-term success. As part of this focus on our core capabilities, we formed two Centres of Excellence: in St. Louis MO, and Boyertown PA, US for in vivo work, and in our Cambridge, UK headquarters for cell-based work including gene editing, cell biology and high-throughput screening. To form this latter Centre, Horizon consolidated operations from our facility in Boston, USA into our new, state of the art, Cambridge, UK headquarters. These Centres are expected to support product and service innovation, better enable us to serve our customers, and to establish a range of operational efficiencies that will drive future profitability for the business..

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Centres of Excellence

Global centres of excellence located in Europe and North America specialising in In Vivo and Cell and Gene Editing.

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Our IP Strength

Our IP strength Horizon has a very strong IP position around gene editing, which is becoming ever more important as pharmaceutical companies increasingly only work with partners who have access to the IP needed to protect their programmes. Horizon has taken multiple licences for the use of CRISPR, including the Berkeley (through ERS Genomics for cell-based applications, and through Caribou Biosciences for in vivo applications), Broad, and Harvard IP suites. In addition, Horizon has an exclusive worldwide licence for the use of rAAV gene editing technology from the University of Washington for non-therapeutic applications, making Horizon the only company authorised to utilise this technology commercially in this way, and a worldwide exclusive licence from Sigma-Aldrich for the use of ZFN technology in the engineering of in vivo disease models.





Company Values and Objectives

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We want you to be entirely comfortable and confident in your new working environment. We understand that things can be a little daunting at first, afterall we were all new Horizon employees once upon a time. Should there be anything that we can assist with please just ask.

email: Kamila.Bailey@horizondiscovery.com

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